What do we do?

We are specialists in the design, manufacture, integration, installation, start-up and operation of Water Treatment Systems in different processes such as hydrocarbon production, metal extraction, municipal and industrial waters, among others. We can achieve all this by using the latest generation patented technologies as a key piece both in Mexico and abroad, with the main objective of meeting customer needs by committing ourselves to caring for the environment.

Our experience

SCAP has extensive experience in applications and techniques to process any type of raw water, whether it is contaminated with oil (petroleum and its derivatives), heavy metals, minerals and biological contaminants for various industry sectors such as the steel industry, mining industry , hydrocarbon production, as well as for the electrical generation of industrial plants, among others; counting on the capacity to provide our services under the “Turn-Key” modality, developing from the design, supply, construction, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.