What do we do?

Due to the accelerated change that today is transforming organizations as well as the needs of its clients in all sectors, SCAP focuses its efforts on the search, analysis and evaluation of strategic alliances with leading technology companies in different sectors of the industry, generating disjunctive businesses that satisfy the new needs of our clients in different areas, such as clean energy, video analytics focused on security, new technologies for some online services, massive data processing, market behavior in the Retail sector , among others.

Our experience

We have experience in the development of technological solutions that break with the traditional business scheme in different sectors of the industry, generating Disruptive Businesses, which meet new market needs such as photovoltaic power generation, development of applications for the E-Commerce sector, IoT technology applied in the storage of fuels in the Oil & Gas industry, video analytics focused on security applications, IoT technology focused on the behavior of markets in the Retail sector.

Our Products