The “SMB Fluid Enhancer” device has been used in Europe, the United States, Central and South America successfully for the last 15 years, improving viscosity, fuel oil flow, fuel consumption and emissions to the atmosphere with success.

One of the biggest problems facing the logistics for fuel oil is its high viscosity and the energy cost to move it, the “SMB Fluid Enhancer” is the ideal solution to solve this problem.


Technology: Electrochemical device that polarizes the hydrocarbon molecule and modifies the molecular orientation by changing the geometric structures of its components, improving the flow of fuel oil and heavy crude.

  • Reduces oil viscosity in boats, heaters, tankers and other fuel oil applications (bunker)
  • Significantly reduces fuel oil processing cost
  • Reduces the need to heat fuel oil and the use of chemicals and water.
  • Reduces sulfur contaminants.
  • The SMB Fluid Enhancer device has no moving parts, virtually eliminating maintenance needs.