What do we do?

We are specialists in Integration of Analytical Instrumentation for Fluid Measurement and Control Systems such as Chemical Mechanical Dosing, Fluid Measurement in Purification Treatments, Demineralization and Crude and / or Water Treatment, Multiphase Measurement Skates, Custody Transfer Skates with in-line fluid quality, Interface Detection Equipment (ID’s) and Water Cut Analyzers (OW’s) in Automatic Drainage with Hydrocarbon Separation.

Our experience

With 14 years of experience and as representatives of the Agar Corporation brand, we have entered the fluid quality measurement market through instruments that allow the automation of the chemical treatment process and the separation of water, gas and hydrocarbons by implementing our technology in:

  • Separation Batteries
  • Measurement Quality
  • Well Production
  • Crude Storage Tanks
  • Gas Storage Tanks
  • Congenital Water Storage Tanks
  • Primary Refining Processes
  • Intermediate distillates