Turbines for extinguishing and fire protection

Our firefighting turbines combine water mist with the power of a turbine and can distribute it over great distances.

Experts in the field have known and valued for years that water mist is very useful for extinguishing fires. Until now, water mist was distributed using nozzle technology. However, this technique limits the distribution distance to around 10 to 15 meters, which in turn also limits the application of this method.

With our fire extinguishing turbines, we have managed to find an innovative solution to this problem. By combining water mist with turbine technology, it is now possible to distribute the mist over a distance of more than 75 meters.

Our fire extinguishing turbines are used for both mobile fire suppression and stationary fire protection. For mobile applications, the turbine mounts to a remotely controlled Caterpillar vehicle or fire truck. For use as stationary fire protection, we place the turbine in a fixed location, where it can be immediately put into service in the event of fire.

Fire extinguishing turbines provide a significant increase in the level of protection for both people and structures. On the one hand, both stationary and mobile variants can be operated by remote control, and on the other hand, mist water achieves a higher rate of heat absorption using less water. In the event of a fire, water mist can cool the structure more efficiently. Damage levels are greatly reduced because the application uses less water to extinguish the fire.

The fields of application are very diverse because our fire extinguishing turbines work with water mist. Both mobile and stationary variants can be implemented, for example, with forest fires, underground metro systems, railways, chemical industries and refineries, substations and transformers, recycling plants, airports, among many others.

Disinfection of indoor and outdoor areas

Regular disinfection is the only way to ensure that our work area and our open public areas, parks, and streets are clean and free of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our machines allow you to distribute disinfectants both indoors and on large open surfaces. The disinfectant is atomized into a fine mist made up of small droplets.
This fine mist settles on all surfaces and, thanks to its slow sedimentation speed, even reaches very hidden corners.

We offer a range of disinfectant and application machines.

short throw powder controller
The V7 is an atomizing cannon for environmental dust control. Adjustable flow rate easily adjustable to any application. Indicated for medium size extensions. Easy-to-operate equipment with pre-configured program. The incorporation of ceramic nozzles in the center of the turbine guarantee an efficient nebulization in a compact equipment. The combination of the above features makes the V7 a reliable, flexible and compact device.
  • • Patented head: 12 + 18 configurable ceramic nozzles, allow regulating the water consumption as well as the size of the drop.
  • Design with nozzles located in the center of the turbine maximizes reach.
  • High efficiency 6.5 kW turbine.
  • Manual adjustment of the water flow in three levels by means of a valve.
  • 20 bar pressure and 4 kW pump.
  • Protection of the pump by cut of supply with auto shutdown and antifreeze.
  • Progressive start of pump and turbine.
  • Electric turbine tilt adjustment from 0 ° to minus 52°.
  • Automatic sweeping movement from 20° to 180° adjustable in 360 ° (from the remote control).
  • Wireless remote control.

Spray cannon to control environmental dust in large areas.
The V22 cannon for the control of environmental dust in large areas. Configurable equipment to nebulize with both a moderate flow and a high water flow thanks to its outer ring of Quadrijet (R) nozzles. Thanks to its high nebulization flow, this equipment can be used for both dust containment and cooling or evaporation applications. This equipment V22 has multiple mounting options and allows it to be configured with different types of pump or to use external pumping systems.
  • 18.5 kW high efficiency turbine.
  • Noise level 63 dB (A) at 20 m.
  • Inner head of 30 ceramic nozzles with extraordinary resistance to abrasion.
  • Protection of the pump by cut of supply with auto shutdown and antifreeze.
  • Progressive start of pump and turbine.
  • Electric turbine tilt adjustment from 6 ° to -43°.
  • Automatic sweeping movement from 20° to 180° adjustable in 360 °.
  • Wireless remote control kit.